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Do you have to deal with an inheritance and do you want to know whether you appear in the will? Who can view a will? You can then report to the notary involved in the settlement of the inheritance. Is the notary not known; in principle you can obtain this information from every notary in the United states. Every will is included in a central register.

The notary only sends a copy of the will to people mentioned in the will. Suppose that you receive a legacy (a specific amount or goal) you will receive only the text that relates to your part, together with the part of the text from the will that shows who has been appointed an executor.

Also the people who would have been heirs if no will was made have the right to inspect. They too have the right to inspect the passage from the will that shows that they have been disinherited.

If you are heir then you obviously have the right to inspect the entire will.

Does The Tax Authorities Have Access To My Will

After your death, the tax authorities will receive a copy of your will. As long as you live, no government agency, including the tax authorities, can inspect your will.

When Will The Content Of A Will Be Announced

This is in any case only after your death. The notary will first thoroughly investigate the exact next of kin and heirs. Only after this investigation will the notary public invite the relevant and relevant persons for an interview at his or her office.

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