A good indication of the maximum mortgage can be made here . We do add here the remark that your personal situation affects the outcome of the maximum mortgage. The choice for the fixed-rate period also influences your maximum mortgage. In addition, the level of mortgage interest determines the outcome of the calculation.

What are the monthly costs of this mortgage?

It is important to know how your mortgage is composed and whether you are eligible for interest deduction. If you take out a mortgage for a holiday home, for example, there are different tax rules than for a house that is your ‘main residence’. You can also determine the term of the mortgage yourself. The shorter the term, the higher the monthly expenses. At least if you have a mortgage with an installment component such as an annuity mortgage or linear mortgage.

The level of mortgage interest is also important for the final monthly payment. Just like the interest deduction, you also have to deal with the ‘house rental value’. This is an addition that you have to deduct from the interest deduction and thus print the subsidy. The higher the WOZ value of your home, the higher the notional rental value.

Together with you, a mortgage advisor draws up a number of scenarios of the options and you can also make adjustments for each scenario.

How much do you wish to pay per month?

You can start from this personal budget when answering this question. This question can be answered differently for everyone. One person wants luxury on holiday four times a year while another consumer does an expensive hobby or sport. It goes without saying that you take these personal obligations into account.

The Nibud provides help if you want to know what others zoal average spend on housing. You can also use various calculation tools to calculate what is, for example, a healthy savings buffer.

How much mortgage is desired?

That starts with the question of what the purchase price of a home is that you have in mind. Or if you wish to conclude what the principal amount of your current mortgage is. In addition, all sorts of costs can arise such as the costs of buying a home. When you transfer a mortgage, you may be faced with a penalty interest and the associated costs to transfer the mortgage. You can think of advice costs for a mortgage advisor, an appraisal report from an appraiser and the notary for passing the new mortgage deed.

Then there is also a ceiling. You can get a mortgage up to 100% of the market value of a home.

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