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What Choices Are There About Mortgages

In the search for a suitable mortgage, the following questions can be reviewed:

  • What can I get a maximum mortgage?
  • Which costs are associated with this maximum mortgage;
  • How much do I want to pay per month for my mortgage;
  • How do I want to pay off my mortgage and do I want to pay off?
  • How long do I want to fix the interest rate, or do I want a flexible mortgage rate;
  • Which conditions do I find important?
  • Which lender wants to give me a mortgage.

Linked insurance policies

If you take out a mortgage, you often also get an estimate of the risk that you are running through so-called life events. This could include an early death of you or your partner. The risk of partial incapacity for work and unemployment can also be understood. The fall in income from these events can be insured under certain conditions.

For example, you can take out a term life insurance policy (orv) for the risk of an unexpected death . You can then insure a fixed amount during a certain period or a decreasing amount.

An income drop due to occupational disability and unemployment can be insured by means of so-called housing costs insurance. With such insurance you can insure a periodic, usually monthly, amount when you meet the policy conditions. These are variable.

The most common event involves a divorce. Unfortunately, the financial disadvantage of such a life event can not be insured. The reason for this is that a divorce is a conscious choice of 1 of both. Only unforeseen and unpredictable situations can be insured.

You can ask the following questions when determining the need for one or more insurance policies:

  • I want to insure myself for death and what amount;
  • Is an annuity declining or constant coverage desirable with a life insurance policy;
  • How long do I want to insure, for example during the term of the mortgage or as long as the children live at home;
  • I want an insurance against incapacity for work;
  • What is the risk if I become fully incapacitated and I have enough buffer to absorb this relapse;
  • Is it desirable to insure me against unemployment, this is always a temporary insurance;
  • Do I want a complete coverage with extensive conditions or is only an ’emergency brake’ so you can bridge the first period;
  • Which insurer (s) speak the most and which ones do not.

The order of the process around a mortgage application

There is no one correct order to determine a result. However, it is necessary at the moment that you actually want to take out a mortgage to place the ‘dominoes’ in the correct order.

Mortgage advisor

If this is cut for you then you can easily take out a mortgage yourself on the basis of execution only . In all other cases it is advisable to hire a mortgage advisor.

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