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Tax Plan 2019 And The Measures For Homeowners

The tax plan 2019 has now been announced. A summary of the most important changes for you as a customer are shown below.

Home and mortgage

Mortgage rates will be phased out faster: from a maximum of 49% in 2019 to 37.05% in the year 2023.

The notional rental value will be partially reduced as compensation for the reduction of the mortgage interest deduction. The percentage that should be paid as tax on the owner-occupied home is now 0.70%, which will decrease by 0.05% -point to 0.45% in 2023 (for the dwellings falling in the category € 50,000 up to € 1,060,000);

Property owners with a high WOZ value and low mortgage interest rates will increasingly feel this burden because of the phasing out of the Hillen Act. This law meant that if the tax to be paid on the owner-occupied home was higher than the benefit of the mortgage interest deduction, that nothing would have to be paid, the tax to be paid was compensated by an extra deductible item that was just as large as the pay tax. This extra deductible item will be reduced to nil in 30 years from 2018 onwards.

You can think of paying 6 months in advance for mortgage interest. This 6 months is the maximum that may be paid in advance. Incidentally, your bank needs to cooperate, that is not the case with every bank.

You can also decide to pay the partner alimony for your former partner at once or pay in advance. This also requires consultation with the receiving party.

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