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Risk Class Mortgage And Personal Loan

It may sound strange, but you can sometimes save on mortgage interest through a personal loan. If you take out a mortgage, it is classified by the bank in a risk class. This also applies only to mortgages without NHG. Suppose that with a small increase in your loan the mortgage can get into a lower risk class, this can sometimes save 0.2%.

Would you like to know without any obligation what the personal possibilities for buying your own home are? Sometimes more is possible than you think. We always try to think in terms of solutions and work on a no cure no pay basis. If we do not find a solution, then you have no costs.

Maximum mortgage reduced step by step

We come from an era where someone could get a maximum of 125% of the forced sale value as a mortgage. Since a few years the maximum dispensing has always been reduced by 1% to a maximum of 100% in 2018.

Buy a new house

The purchase of a new house is cheaper than an existing house. The costs of the buyer are limited to the consultancy costs for a mortgage and the notary costs for the registration of a mortgage deed.

In many cases you can also co-finance the double costs in the new mortgage.

What costs do I have to pay myself?

We are talking about the costs of the buyer that you have to pay with savings or the alternatives mentioned above. You can calculate an indication of these costs yourself .

If you buy an existing home, you will incur the following costs:

  • Notary public who transfers the property to your name and registers the mortgage deed in the Land Registry;
  • A mortgage advisor who mediates the mortgage for you;
  • The valuation that determines the value of your future home in your assignment;
  • If you take out a mortgage with NHG, you pay a premium of 1% on the mortgage;
  • Costs for a possible bank guarantee;
  • If you hire a buying agent , you have to pay it;

Finally, the government takes the biggest bite of the costs of the buyer with the 2% transfer tax.

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