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How do I get the best and lowest mortgage rates?

There are dozens of lenders and hundreds of different mortgages. Count the hundreds of conditions on top of that and it is soon clear that there are many choices to make. Does the mortgage provider with the lowest interest rate also provide the most suitable mortgage for you?

Now you do not immediately realize the answer to your question. An example: if you step into a butcher shop and ask for a piece of meat, the butcher will also first ask you what you want. After all, there are several choices that you can usually quickly see during shopping. Choosing the lowest mortgage rates is not the best option for everyone. That is because a mortgage, unlike a hunk of meat, is a complex product and you do not buy every day. Also not entirely unimportant, it is often a lot of money. A wrong choice afterwards is immediately impactful and costly.

That is the lowest mortgage interest possible at this time. However, is this still the lowest mortgage interest rate the following month? A variable mortgage rate can be different every month, and do you still sleep when the interest rate rises to 13% as was the case in 1981? Chances are that the fear sweat breaks you out at night.

Mortgage rates, for example, have fallen in recent weeks, while the trend showed an increase at the beginning of this year. Without going into this too deeply, this development is connected with all kinds of economic and political developments worldwide.

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