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Advice To Further Reduce The Maximum Mortgage

There are also sounds to further reduce this percentage to 80%. In particular, the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) repeatedly insists on reducing this percentage to the percentage that is customary in Europe and other participating countries at the OECD. In short, you have to invest more and more money to buy your own house.

The model is completely different from the model in other countries and especially our payment morale is excellent. As a result, there is little chance that A nation’s households will encounter payment problems because of the distribution to 100% of the market value. Also because newly closed mortgages are now almost 100% repaid. We will not discuss this phenomenon too extensively in this article.

Is it wise to take out a maximum mortgage?

Ultimately, when providing a mortgage, it is important that it is responsible for now and in the future. It is not in your interest to take out a mortgage that you can not afford anymore.

You yourself must check whether the mortgage you wish to enter fits your lifestyle. We therefore always recommend to calculate for yourself what you want to spend on your living expenses. These are personal considerations and in our advisory practice we notice that our customers think seriously about this. Awareness of your situation is already a good recipe for the emergence of payment problems.

Buy subject to financing

It is customary to include a condition during the negotiation of the purchase of your property that you will receive a mortgage within a few weeks. In the unlikely event that you do not succeed in obtaining a mortgage, you can withdraw from the sale free of charge. If you are late with arranging your mortgage, you may be fined 10%. It is therefore important to keep a good eye on these data.

If you use our purchase support, we monitor this data. We will also make every effort to ensure that the mortgage is completed on time. If you buy a home without your own money, we will also keep a close eye on these data.

Donation exemption 2019

In 2019 it is possible to receive a donation of up to € 100,000 tax-free for buying or renovating a house of your own. You may receive this amount from everyone. It is not necessary that there is a family relationship such as between parent and child. You can also donate this amount to a generous neighbor.

In practice, we usually see donations from parents to children. It is also possible to add a so-called exclusion clause to the donation if the relationship does not go as you hope it will expire.

In this way, the money stays within the family and does not have to be shared with an ex-partner.

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