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QBE Meaning, Insurance Contact, Insurance Rating and Many More

Are you disturbing your brain over QBE’s meaning or over what services QBE insurance offers?

Do you look for a good insurance company in Australia and would like to know about QBE insurance ratings?

In this series, we are going to review the QBE meaning, QBE insurance rating and a lot more information about QBE insurance Australia.

QBE meaning, insurance contact, insurance rating

QBE Meaning and Background Information

QBE is Australia’s largest insurer and the name was derived from the merger of three companies. Queensland insurance, Bankers’ and Traders’ insurance company and Equitable life and general insurance company. The first letters of each of these companies’ names are represented in QBE.

It all started in 1886 when two Scottish business partners James Burns and Robert Phillips, two entrepreneurs who used insurance to build their businesses, came together to start the North Queensland Insurance Company limited (QI). In no time, the company grew and became super successful, with only 4 years down the line, QI had established 36 locations across Australia and in other major cities of the world – Hong Kong, London, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Singapore inclusive.

In 1921, James Burns and Robert Phillips also founded the Bankers’ and Traders’ Insurance Company which was consolidated with investments from business holdings of the partners and also derived its name from them.

During the economic depression and the WWII both companies survived and in 1959, each purchased a large share of the Equitable probate and general insurance company, about 40% in total. In 1973, the companies merged and went public, becoming the largest insurance company in Australia.

QBE Insurance Rating.

QBE is presently one of the largest insurance groups in the world and is among the top 20 insurers and re-insurers globally.

Below is a table showing QBE’s latest rating from all four of the major rating agencies that rate the QBE Insurance group limited.

Insurer’s Financial Strength (FSR)

Agency Rating Outlook Date
Standard & Poor’s A+ Stable 01/06/2018
AM Best A Stable 13/06/2018
Fitch Ratings A+ Stable 24/07/2018
Moody’s A1 Stable 11/04/2019

Issuer’s Credit Rating (ICR)

Agency Rating Outlook Date
Standard & Poor’s A- Stable 01/06/2018
AM Best bbb + Stable 13/06/2018
Fitch Ratings A- Stable 24/07/2018
Moody’s A3 Stable 11/04/2019

(Source qbe.com)

QBE Insurance Contact and Services

QBE offers a wide range of services to its customers. From personal insurance services to business insurance, insurance for institutional customers and reinsurance.

Amongst them are:

Accident & Health insurance

Corporate insurance




Trade credit


Casualty Specialty

And QBE life insurance.

For contact information on insurance policies visit the company’s website in your local country.

For North America, visit qbe.com/us

If you’re in Australia, visit qbe.com/au

Those in Canada can visit qbecanada.com/

For Asia Pacific visit qbeap.com

And Europe visit, qbeeurope.com

For those in New Zealand, visit qbe.com/nz

And for reinsurance, visit qbere.com.

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