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Every liquid pen eyeliner I’ve ever owned: best, worst and everything in between

Actually I lied in the title. It’s not every single pen liner I’ve ever owned because I gave one away just a few months ago, but I can still tell you what it was like plus it’s been properly reviewed (Beyu Statement Eyeliner, fits into “Won’t knock your socks off, …

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90’s Fall Inspired Lip Colours: Rosy-Browns & Mauves

SLEEK Matte Me Lip Gloss  Birthday Suit Not saying that 90’s trend is all about matte lip colours, but they are certainly prevailing and Birthday Suit definitely gets you that perfect “instagram matte” finish. It’s a shade that changes with time as it oxidises, also you should bear in mind …

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New in #48: What’s in my Mail

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour 600 Devotion Though I was initially very excited about the launch of these, I was pretty disappointed when I heard these aren’t actually matte, so I didn’t plan to get any, but now that I have one, the fact they are more like lip lacquers …

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Wet’n Wild Cover All Concealer palette

Colour correcting is quite a trend at the moment and lot of brands are releasing new correcting products, but this Wet n Wild palette isn’t that new, though I think either a different colour combo existed before or it still does, but there are different combinations and packaging when you …

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