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Every liquid pen eyeliner I’ve ever owned: best, worst and everything in between

Actually I lied in the title. It’s not every single pen liner I’ve ever owned because I gave one away just a few months ago, but I can still tell you what it was like plus it’s been properly reviewed (Beyu Statement Eyeliner, fits into “Won’t knock your socks off, …

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What’s in my Skin Care Cabinet

I haven’t done a skin care post in years and the reason it that I’m never really happy with my skin care, so I’m always trying new stuff and I never find my current routines worthy of a proper post. I’m of course still sticking to Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, my …

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AliExpress & eBay Bargains #2

This is my third such post, though the first one concentrated only on eBay deals, but I have since almost completely switched to AliExpress simply because they have better prices and I prefer the organisation of the website. You can organise the products by number of orders and they have …

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Best Buys 2016: Part 1

BASE PHYSICIANS FORMULA Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder Light I’m not a fan of the traditional mattifying powders because they make my face into this fake-looking cakey mess that I hate (I want my skin to look like actual skin) and this is one of those radiance powders, though I …

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Hugo Boss The Scent for Her

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of anything with peach, so when I first saw the news about this fragrance, which caught my eye instantly because of the gorgeous bottle and after I checked the notes on Fragrantica, I was desperate to track it down. Luckily Hugo Boss isn’t …

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Top 5 Bourjois Products

Healthy Mix Serum Foundation This has been my favourite since it was launched and I haven’t been without a bottle of it since. Up until I found this foundation, I could never wear anything on my forehead because it got so flaky over the day (I latter changed my skin …

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