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Every liquid pen eyeliner I’ve ever owned: best, worst and everything in between

Actually I lied in the title. It’s not every single pen liner I’ve ever owned because I gave one away just a few months ago, but I can still tell you what it was like plus it’s been properly reviewed (Beyu Statement Eyeliner, fits into “Won’t knock your socks off, …

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Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

In my perpetual quest for the perfect pen eyeliner I finally got Maybelline’s that has been on my wishlist for years. I tried to get Clio eyeliner to finally behave, but gave up and bought this one because it’s one of the cheapest ones online. It’s a classic felt tip …

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Clio Waterproof Brush Eyeliner Kill Black

I wear liquid eyeliner daily, but none has actually impressed me so much that it would be my absolute favourite which I wouldn’t swap for another, so I keep trying new ones. This one came highly recommended by my two favourite bloggers, Petra and Nadja, so I my expectations were …

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BeYu Liquid Eyeliners

Liners are some of  my favourite products to try because I wear them daily and though I’ve found many good ones, none yet is “the one” for me. From BeYu I got two types of liners I’ve never tried, I’ve always stuck more to classic nib shapes, but here we …

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Catrice Glam & Doll Super Black Liner

I love trying new eyeliners and this one intrigued me because the design is similar to L’Oreal’s Superstar which is an amazing liner and one of the best to draw flicks with, however, the applicator is quite large, so the main line always ends up bold. Judging from the nib, …

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Misslyn Summer Pop Art LE

I have to say, this one of the most eye-catching collections I’ve seen in a while. The packaging was inspired by Pop Art and it also definitely has that Benefit/TheBalm vibe to it. I just got the collection sent with no additional information, but I hear it’s already on the …

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